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Classic Pamela Positive: \”There is Only One Happiness In This Life.\” -George Sand

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\”There is Only One Happiness In This Life.\”

-George Sand

Do you want to find out what that one happiness is?

We all want to know… we want to find that peace — untroubled, light, and free.

Does this happiness come from reaching your greatest goal? Having no regrets? Getting your Masters in Business, becoming fluent in French, or being on TV? Or perhaps it will come when you meet your wife or husband, or have children.

These are all laudable goals, they are all happy goals.

But they are not enough for happiness.

No, happiness comes from a deep-rooted sense of love.  As George Sands puts it:

\”There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.\”

So stop seeking, accomplishing, learning, and \”go getting,\” to realize you are happy now.

If you only will love, and be loved.


George Sand (Real name Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin,1 July 1804 – 8 June 1876, Paris, France), the French novelist, was one of the most successful female writers of the nineteenth century. She wrote a number of highly regarded novels under the pseudonym George Sand. Her most popular works are inspired by her affection for the rustic French countryside where she grew up.

Sand was sent to the convent (a community for nuns) at the age of 14. After returning from there, Sand studied nature, practiced medicine on the peasants (poor, working class), read from the philosophers of all ages.Her colorful tutor encouraged her to wear men\’s clothing while horseback riding. At the age of 27, she began writing articles to earn her living in Paris and met many writers. There, she published her first novel, Indiana (1832), she took as her pen name \”George Sand.\” Then, she subsequently adopted  this pen name. She had come to enjoy a great reputation in Paris both as a writer and as a bold and brilliant woman. She had many admirers and chose new lovers.

She was known well in far reaches of the world, and her social practices, her writings and her beliefs prompted much commentary, often by other luminaries in the world of arts and letters. In addition, Sand authored literary criticism and political texts. She wrote many essays and published works establishing her socialist position.

She married to Casimir Dudevant at the age of 19 (legally separated later) had daughters Solange & Maurice. She died at the age of 71.

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