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Tips for New Entrepreneurs

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Halle Tecco recently posted an excellent article on Huffington Post, \”10 Free Things Every Social Entrepreneur Should Have.\”  A social entrepreneur herself, Halle brings great wisdom to the subject, offering excellent resources and ideas every new social entrepreneur should think about.  These include everything from board members to social media accounts to an exciting logo.  I recommend checking out the complete list, and I also wanted to share a few of my favorite \”things every social entrepreneur should have.\”

Accountants.  We need very sound accountants. We can\’t overlook some of the \’mundane\’ but important in managment, especially if you are a hybrid.

Intern/Volunteer Team. We need a strong intern and/or volunteer team.   Interns can bring in amazing ideas and execution. They can also bring in such a positive influence in your culture!

Your Informal Board of Advisors. We all need outside, \”not formal\” advisors. Make sure you have your \”informal\” Board of Advisors that guides you, listens to you, helps you. This is really important on ethics and keeping yourself true to yourself, and consistently in line with integrity.