Living and Giving

\”Tomorrow is the Most Important Thing in Life.\” — John Wayne

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\”Tomorrow is the most important thing in life.  It comes into us at midnight very clean. It\’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we\’ve learned something from yesterday.\” -John Wayne-

When I think of John Wayne, he was a scowling cowboy, master of the screen.  He seemed so strong and invincible!


Wayne teaches us that we all need to be learners. Even if you think you\’re really tough, you need to see how you can be better.  You can reflect on yesterday and lessons learned.  Then, you\’ll make today a better day.


While are are tempted to think of John Wayne as cowboy actor, he expanded and skills during different part of his life. He was an excellent athlete and collegiate award-winning football player.  He later became very outspoken about political and international issues, even influencing international policy. Wayne was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  On the way, he had 7 children, and also fought cancer, becoming a strong advocate trying to find healing answers for all. And yes, he was an actor. 

So if you think you\’ve reached a deadened, look deeper at yourself.

You have many talents

and many chapters to unfold in your life.

You aren\’t talent-less or talent-dead. You have something, and many things, important to give.
There is no deadend.. as long as you don\’t think there is.  Most people know John Wayne as an actor.  Yet his legacy is 100X more important.  He learned from each past day, and made \”Tomorrow the most important thing.\”