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Top 10 Things We Can Learn from Chess for Life

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\"addtext_com_MTIxOTMxMTMyMDQz\"Hi Team Living and Giving,

Here is a helpful list from one of the smartest games we have available to us, chess. Let\’s see what we can learn, and how it applies to our lives.

1. Learn the basics. Keep life simple.

2. Think before you do. Being thoughtful saves a lot of angst in our hearts…

3. Think possibilities and outcomes. Excited about a new step? Super! What does the end result look like? What are the different ways your life could turn out? Think big, think possible; and think with care. 😄

4. Keep your aim in mind. Focus on the most important things in your life: family, and your next career move? World peace? A new home? Selling all to serve the world? Or perhaps just this moment. 😄

5. Have a plan but stay flexible. Yes. 😄 Always.

6. Make your time count. Don\’t waste your most precious resource. How you \”spend\” you! 😄

7. Protect your material. We don\’t obsess, but good to take care of what we own.

8. Accumulate small gains. Step by step runs the marathon. Check out my post on running a marathon here!

9. Choose your friends carefully. How precious. Gather the most beloved around my heart, and therefore \”protect your king.\”

Original list of valuable life lessons from playing chess courtesy of YouMeWorks.