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Two Million Children Are Involved in Something Each Year They Should Never See

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Two Million Children.


Two Million Children every year are involved in something.


And they don\’t want to be.


And it\’s something that they should never see.


They are the countless number of children lured by economic opportunities. Or family pressure. Or they are simply taken by force. They are the children who are sold into the sex trade.

That is not something that I like to write about.

I\’d rather focus on all the joyful children and helping them live normal lives. Many of them are in good families, and simply don\’t have enough food. Many are in safe neighborhoods and don\’t have the means to go to school. That is \”fun\” to help or \”light\” philanthropy. It\’s good, and it\’s what most of us do. If you want to help, you can do so now:

Volunteer with Greenheart Travel\’s India Education Project
Gift the joy of sports with Nepal Orphans Home\’s Sports Package
Volunteer with Children in China
Support Teen Girls in New Orleans

But if you are willing to get into some uncomfortable territory…then children all over the world will thank you. The 50% of trafficked children who exist in Asia. The 100,000 Nepali girls that work in Indian brothels (keep in mind \”only\” 12,000 have been trafficked; for the rest it is just the norm). And yes, in our backyard, the runaways. According to the National Runaway Switchboard, 1/3 of all runaways become involved in exploitation within two days of being on the street. It\’s ugly to hear that in the U.S. it happens.

It shouldn\’t. Thank you for going there with me today, in a blog that strives to focus on the positive for Living and Giving. I hope you will help bring peace to some child and their family today.


Share Your Time with Children of the Night
Help Spread The Word: The V Sign
Protect A Girl From A Life On The Streets
Support access to free GED

Photo credit (in order):
Hillebrand Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
James Jin, Village Children, Guangdong, China
Miszpinay, Quiapao Children