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UCSB Freshman, Alex Roginski, Finds Passion in Picking up Trash

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\”I like finding a really dirty street and cleaning it.\” 

Alex Roginski 

Menlo Park Resident

A team anxious to do good in the world has found their mark and he didn\’t even have to look far. He simply saw trash on the street and decided that he was going to do something about it, rather than let it sit there. 

Alex jumps on his bike with a trailer behind in which sit the garbage bags and his trusted dog, Ollie.


Roginski is a high school student who is motivated by things that \”feels like the right thing to do\”.   

He looks at the fact that he is an able-bodied person and he can do something, so why shouldn\’t he do it?

\”I have the ability and there is an obvious problem out there that people seem to be neglecting.\”

Soon Roginski will be graduating from high school and heading off to UC Santa Barbara in the fall. Roginski is going to be an astute statistics major at UC Santa Barbara, which is no small feat.But even with such a collegiate triumph, he still gets motivated by trash.   

\”Sometimes I see a plastic bag flying down the street and I say \”I\’m gonna go get that.\”

His goal is to amass three bags of liters a day. You can see the numbers in the statistics major\’s mind; 

  • What are my results? 
  • How am I quantifying my impact? 

All of this is  such a great statement for the youth of today who want a quantifiable impact. 


May we find an activity where we can better the world….. and start doing it today. 

You don\’t have to get paid.   It doesn\’t have to be your job but you can be a great model by just finding something you love to do that motivates you. It doesn\’t have to be hard. 


Remember, Alex Roginski is motivated by trash. Yup! He loves trash and being the person who takes it away.

What are you going to be motivated by today? What will you help heal? What will you make better in our world? Let\’s go after it now, and with joy.

Now I\’m going to go pick up the first piece of trash that I see. I want to see a more beautiful world, for everyone.  


We Can All Clean Up our World, 


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