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Uplifted In The Process

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\”One makes a gift of one’s life and endeavors by sanctifying it with love, and devotion and selfless service. When seeking to uplift others, we are uplifted in the process. Every kind thought or smile therefore benefits oneself as well as all the world.\” – David Hawkins

How much we have to learn from David Hawkins’s beautiful consciousness!


How exciting life is when you view it from his vantage point. Whether it’s at our job, walking on the street, parking our car, greeting the mailman, we have a divine calling to help the world.

Everyone can do this. Everyone can find a way to help, whether it’s formal or informal. You might be a great, superlative volunteer! You might equally give a lot to the world simply by smiling and greeting every person with positivity, joy, and love. Let’s say you meet three new people each day.  You treat each person with intentional love, joy, care. If you do this 365 days a year and live to be 78.3 years, we will meet 80,000 people in our lifetime. That means you have a huge chance to make a difference in someone’s life.


Now, what’s so exciting about this is how it uplifts ourselves. Of course, our heart is lifted when you joyfully greet another. Your spirits are buoyed when you acknowledge someone’s presence or give them an encouraging word. This is about your spiritual health.

So even if you’re without a job right now, or in a job that is extremely stressful and negative, you still have an incredible impact on the world.

Don’t believe it? Look at the studies. According to a 20-year study in 2007 study by the Harvard School of Public Health, \”optimism cuts the risk of coronary heart disease by half.\” That’s great news in general, and great news for your health!  

Each day you can treat another person lovingly.  As you love, you build your own joyful attitude, your own self-esteem, and your own positive attitude. That will transform your neighbor, it will transform your community, and it will change the world, and yes, it will change you.


Contribute to your spiritual health and the health of the world today. You don’t have to wait!





Born in 1927, Dr. David Hawkins (M.D., Ph.D.) was raised in a strict Episcopalian home. Beginning in his teens, and continuing as he joined the Navy for World War II, he developed a strong taste for alcohol and struggled with alcoholism. After obtaining a medical degree from Medical College of Wisconsin, in the 1960s to 1970s, he founded the North Nassau Clinic for the lower middle class, treating thousands of alcohol- and drug-addicted individuals. By the time of his death in 2012, he had experienced success as a psychiatrist, battled over 25 illnesses or health conditions, wrestled with skepticism and atheism, then discovered Zen Buddhism and became spiritually \”enlightened.\”

Dr. Hawkins was a nationally-renowned, award-winning spiritual leader and lecturer, researcher, physician, psychiatrist—as well as author of over a dozen books. His research includes pioneering the \”Map of Consciousness,\” which provided a scientific framework for outlining spiritual matters.