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Volunteering isn\’t just American – We Have United Nations\’ International Volunteer Day!

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You can volunteer all over the world — get involved now! Our American heritage is founded on surviving in the frontier, and that meant making many associations. We had to help one another. It wasn\’t that easy, and \”volunteering\” was essential. We shared food, dug each other out of buried homes during snowstorms, and protected our communities together.

These days, volunteering can still be serious. Such as helping Syrian Refugees, or helping to construct a health clinic in Kenya.


And volunteering can also be \”light.\” It might be about sponsoring a chimpanzee or helping children get the materials they need to knit their own hats.


Either way, it\’s official! The United Nations created International Volunteer Day. Now all countries can observe a special day of service, sincerely lending a hand. And look at what is happening across our world!

  • The Cambodia Forum on Volunteers helps people develop skills through volunteering activities.
  • Nigeria hosts Volunteerism-Bridging the Competence Gap, where volunteers gain new skills, both working on the ground, as well as personable skills such as forgiveness, empathy, compassion.
  • Wales has an International Volunteer Day Facebook page and Saudi Arabia has \’Volunteering Ambassadors.\’  This team spreads the word about why we should volunteer!
Each country is making service its own. May we celebrate our world\’s desire to give of themselves.  You can do it today. Give, Serve, Volunteer!