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Volunteering with the Extraordinaries

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If you ever have a spare minute, you can use it to volunteer.  Waiting at the bus stop, waiting in line, maybe while getting coffee…  There\’s an exciting new movement in volunteering that will let you take those spare minutes and put them toward doing good.  The Extraordinaries is a San Francisco-based group that created an application for the iPhone to make microvolunteering easy.  Do translations, catalogue photos, map playgrounds…all you need is an iPhone or a computer, and it takes just a minute.

I recently had the opportunity to share about the Extraordinaries for a feature on ABC News.  Here\’s an excerpt:

For Adam Griffiths and Pamela Hawley, it is the 1Sky campaign over coffee. They are volunteering to get the federal government to address climate change.

\”You have the application in your pocket and you literally have the power to change the world in the palm of your hand,\” Griffiths says.

\”For me, it\’s exciting,\” Hawleys says. \”Because I feel like I am the part of a greater movement.\”

You can see the video and full text article on ABC\’s website: SF Website Offers Opportunity to Micro-Volunteer.  Visit the Extraordinaries site, to get started microvolunteering!