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Watch South Africa – Renewable Energy Up 68% for Solar

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Want to hear an incredible success story with renewable energies? Then watch South Africa! In a remarkable 4 years, they have become a model for renewable energy all across the world. One of the areas that is critical about renewable energy is not just the ability to produce it, but to make it cost-effective. You can have great solar panels but if they are expensive it prohibits many people (and companies) from buying them. Even if you can point to a greater long-term investment, it’s hard around their short-term pocketbook.

So let’s watch South Africa: Prices for wind energy are down 42%; prices for solar energy are down 68%.

Further, their economic counsel is on board with this program. They realize how impactful it can be… for not just the cities to benefit, but for world communities. Many of them have never had access to any type of energy and their first one is renewable and natural!

How exciting that our world is now leapfrogging pollutant energy such as coal, and getting people at the bottom of our pyramid the cleanest energy on Earth. Wonderful!!!