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Watch Your Money, Watch Your Time

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It\’s a time for focus, and that\’s a good thing. This tough economy is not only making business owners watchful of every penny, but also of every moment.

 Watch Your Time

Watch where your time goes. This is especially true regarding people. Work with and develop the people who will sincerely help your business the most, and grow them. Work with clients who genuinely care about growing their business for the right reasons. And if you haven\’t started a partnership yet, take a strong look at how you are evaluating them. Why is this the best partnership for you? It should be one of your top. That may not be in brand, necessarily. It might be that they have the right values, the same strategic direction, and the budget to make it happen.

Look at Your Values

Really paying attention to the values of any person, be it employee, intern, volunteer, client, potential partner, will put you in good stead for the longterm. Try to find that match that inherently feels good, and is not just a tactical calculation that the client \’seems\’ to be the best partner. You should feel comfortable with them and their goals, and want to grow with them. During tough economic times an during positives ones, they will stick with you, and you with them. You will make it through any time, together, and be stronger, more effective, and more sincere about your work.

Spending your time with people who have the right values and direction will keep your business focused and productive, and give you peace of mind for the longterm. You will build yourself and your enterprise bit by bit, with an enduring foundation and lasting product.

For us at UniversalGiving we are in the business of matching up people with global organizations. We help people give of their money and volunteer time in more than 70 countries across the world. Even though giving is down, we still invest in qualifying and vetting our nonprofit partners, providing a service of excellence. Person by person, we are making worldwide connections that make a difference in improving people\’s lives, increasing understanding, and creating world peace. Every connection counts, and builds our service step by step by step.

We\’re willing to run the marathon. We just want to run with the right people on the right team, and create the best product that will help this world by helping others.