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“Water and Wisdom Come Through — Not From — Your Brain” – Dan Millman, The Laws of the Spirit

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\”Like water, higher wisdom doesn\’t come as much from your brain as through it.  All you have to do is to listen and trust.\”  – Dan Millman, The Laws of Spirit

I love this sincere quote from inspirational author Dan Millman.  It\’s about trusting what already is available to us all: a Divine Inspiration that guides every moment.

You don\’t have to be intellectual, smart or have high education to receive it. No, true wisdom is from the heart, from principles of goodness. It\’s about being led to do the right thing.

True wisdom comes naturally.  We don\’t have to think through it, manufacture it.

Let\’s embrace Wisdom today.   We can live purity of right motive and action, every moment.

Dan Millman began his career in the athletic arena.  He competed in gymastics and trampoline in high school and college, winning international acclaim.  He became gymnastics director at Stanford University in 1968, and in 1972 moved to Oberlin College.  He began writing in the 1980s, on diverse topics including fitness and philosophy.  His writing and motivational speaking tends to focus on achieving one\’s potential.  In 2006, his book Way of the Peaceful Warrior was adapted into a film, Peaceful Warrior.  He is married to Joy Millman, and they have three daughters and two grandchildren.