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\”We aren’t in the coffee business, serving people…\”

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We aren’t in the coffee business, serving people.

We’re in the people business, serving coffee.

–Nabi Saleh, Gloria Jean’s Coffee

You have a product.

You have a service.

You want more people in the world to know about them. That\’s understandable.

But the way to increase awareness is to care about that person— not your product.

So if you are serving coffee,

providing a car washing service,

giving a haircut,

or investment advice,

counseling a student on colleges,

giving and executive report to the president of the United States…

Find out who they are… care… and serve.

Putting more energy into caring for your customers and the loyalty, warmth, commitment will naturally ensure.

Have a Lovely Day Serving!


Nabi Saleh is an Iranian-Australian businessman and CEO of Gloria Jean\’s Coffees. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Gloria Jean\’s Coffees has around 500 coffee shops in Australia and another 500 throughout the rest of the world. It is estimated that this coffee chain brings in $500 million in sales every year.

Saleh grew up in multiple places, Iran and India among them, and was exposed to different cultures and ideas from a young age. He has expressed business ideas that are revolutionary and centered around people and doing good. He is a supporter of the Rainforest Alliance and is known to support and implement direct-to-farmer coffee and tea purchasing programs that ensure a fair wage is paid and adequate living and working conditions are met. In an interview with Q Radio, he expressed his belief that all companies should be socially responsible and actively engage in working for the benefit of humanity.