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What Do You Adore? Give it with Passion Like Julie Andrews!

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\”I love singing, and I came to absolutely adore it in the later part of my career.\”

– Julie Andrews

Sometimes we love to do an activity. We might like to play tennis, cook or run. But what a joy when we continue to do it, increase our skills, and come to truly adore it!

This is what Julie Andrews is saying here. It\’s one thing to just love singing. But now she does it with a passion, and heart full in. She knows it, her audience knows it. And we love her for it.

I grew up on the Sound of Music. It\’s a family tradition and we watch it every Thanksgiving! And we never take for granted Maria\’s simple character, her joy, and her beautiful singing. It\’s so natural, so real, and is now part of our family.

You have a gift to give. What do you adore that you can give to the world? We will love you for it! (For me, it\’s improv 😃 I love the joy!)


Julie Andrews is an Oscar and Tony Award-winning actress and singer for her roles in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. She came from a musical family; her mother was a pianist and her stepfather was a singer. Andrews first found success on the English stage in the late 1940s, and then moved to America in the 1950s, where she starred in the musical The Boyfriend from 1854 to 1955. The following year, she starred in My Fair Lady as Eliza Doolittle, a role that earned her a Tony Award nomination for best actress in a musical. She followed that stellar performance with another lead in the musical Camelot in 1960, for which she earned her second Tony Award nomination. Walt Disney was so impressed with her work in Camelot that he wanted her to play the titular role in Mary Poppins, saying that she would be perfect for the role of the British nanny who is \”practically perfect in every way!\” Andrews initially declined because of pregnancy, but Disney politely insisted, saying, \”We\’ll wait for you.\”Andrews received a special distinction in the 1990s, being made a dame by Queen Elizabeth II of England. As befitting as an English dame, she played royalty in The Princess Diaries films. She has written several children\’s books with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. One thing most people do not know about Andrews is that she has a rose named after her, it is a beautiful sherbet orange with  yellow undertones. (Source: Andrews)