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What Do You Bring Home To Dinner?

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The Ascending Conversation

What Do You Bring Home to Dinner?

I ask you this because every day, whether we pick up Chinese takeout, go out to eat at a Malaysian restaurant, or cook simple macaroni ‘n\’ cheese, we are always bringing home something to dinner.  Even if you eat cheese and crackers. Or a bowl of cereal.

It\’s the substance of your conversation.   That\’s the most important ingredient you bring home to dinner.

In the best evenings, we bring home our hopes. Our concerns.  Our inspirations… Our goals…

The Descending Conversation

Yet many… many times… our conversation descends.  We resort to the most negative event of the day.  The moment someone cut us off on the road.  The rude person behind the Long\’s Drugs counter.  The time when we felt defeated.  A moment where we are flabbergasted by a coworker\’s or boss\’ behavior.  The disconcerting time when one of our most sincere friends makes us feel profoundly misunderstood.

And yet there is so much substance happening every moment. Joyful substance, and joyfilled substance, which leads to an uplifting conversation.  A conversation which ascends.

The ascending conversation emphasizes the positive impacts of each day.  The extra smile we get from the person behind the counter at the drycleaners. A beautiful sunny day, or a cozy clouded one.  Our freedom of speech.  Our right to happiness.   A day where we got many things \’crossed off our to-do list.\’   

It\’s the pure joy of connecting with a friend we haven\’t spoken to in a while.  It\’s being really amazed by the vibrancy of the flowers we pass, in the glorious, multiple shades of red, whether it be a tulip, a geranium, a wild flower.  The ability to vote.  Giving your mom a call.  Being kind to yourself.  Walking slowly…smiling at others… And of course, with more than 2 billion in the world struggling, our ability to decide…even what we want to eat this evening.  It\’s a true luxury.

Let\’s focus on The Ascending Conversation.   Remember that the substance we bring to dinner nourishes our partner. We can bring something negative, or we can bring something uplifting.  We can provide buoyancy to the conversation.  We can celebrate some part of life together.  And as we finish our meal, both nutritionally and emotionally, we can walk away uplifted.

What Do You Bring Home To Dinner?