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What Do You Need To Know About Generation Z? Part One

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We\’re excited to announce our Founder  and CEO Pamela Hawley was just featured in Forbes publication! The article is entitled What Do You Need To Know About Generation Z?, and was published on March 19, 2019. Please see below!








As a social enterprise leader, you have to stay on top of the trends. And one of the most important trends is effective management. So, let\’s dig into what you need to do to successfully manage the newest generation of workers — Generation Z — at your social enterprise.
What can we expect? First of all, generalizations are always that — a sweeping overview. We need to value each individual as a unique person with special talents and capabilities. So, while it can be an overall helpful guide, no one person fits into a compartment.

Alright, let’s dig in!
Here are seven things you need to know about Generation Z:
1. You’re required to be flexible.
You might think it’s funny to say you’re “required” to be flexible. Well, it’s true. The responsibility is yours to be open to different ways of doing things. Get into that mindset now.
If you haven’t already, be open to different schedules for Gen Z employees. While they are serving the world with you during the day, they also value balance. Perhaps they want to devote two hours to painting each evening or playing on a co-ed softball team.
Allow flexibility in customizing jobs for people. Today\’s generation of workers values things such as contract or part-time work, flexible hours and remote work. You’ll have a higher likelihood of it working out and them staying long-term when you cater to their unique lifestyle. And if it’s not a good fit, then it’s also easier to part ways.
2. You need to expand your benefits package.
You might think that health care, full-time work, vision, medical and dental plans are automatic requisites for hire at a nonprofit, and that\’s all you have to do. But for many Gen Z employees, they’re just starting out. They\’re not necessarily thinking about committing, so they may not be as concerned about long-term benefits. They are often more focused on self-exploration, learning and maximizing who they can be.
So, when they think of benefits, they’re thinking more about what supports their lifestyle now. That could mean a gym membership, dog walking services, payment for pet lodgings when they go on trips and pet insurance. The key is to go beyond traditional, \”old-school\” benefits.
3. They want to make a difference.
If you haven’t guessed by now, Generation Z is even stronger about wanting to do what they love to do. They often want to find a way to serve the world, and they want to do good now. And that\’s why they have joined your social enterprise.
So, to retain this generation of employees, don\’t require that they \”pay their dues\” before they\’re able to do something interesting and rewarding. They want to find their passion now. Be responsive to that in their day-to-day. Have a conversation about their goals, put them on a special project that is interesting to them or find an activity that relates to their passion.