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What I Would Do With a Million Dollars

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We\’ve put up links a few times to the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, an excellent website with advice for entrepreneurs.  Mike Michalowicz runs the site and writes the blog.  He often gathers up tips from entrepreneurs on a specified subject, and I\’ve been pleased to contribute to several posts.  Most recently, Mike asked what I thought I would do, if I had a million dollars.  Here was my answer:

Small Gestures, With Heart

What I Would Do With A Million: If I had one million dollars, I’d use it to support homeless people I meet on the street in the following ways. It would be unplanned and from the heart. If they ask me for money, I’d give it through support; I’d pay for a hotel room for a night; pay for a meal; pay for counseling or help. I’d use it the rest of my life to provide small gestures of daily support to people who are in great need, and to do it spontaneously.

You can find my answer at #9 on the list.  Read \”What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?\” for more than fifty additional ideas.

UPDATE – June 25th, 2009

Mike posted another \”millionaire\”-oriented blog post today. This one is about admirable millionaries. I was proud to contribute Bill Draper. You can find my note at #2 on the post.

Bill Draper

Rich and Respected Because: My favorite wealthy individual is Bill Draper, a venture capitalist who is wealthy in spirit as well as funds. He cares about other people, doesn’t have an attitude, and also has a wonderful foundation supporting entrepreneurs. He truly cares, and is constantly giving of himself. Most importantly, he is just a nice person.
Two more are John Morgridge, former CEO of Cisco, and Charly Kleissner, an entrepreneur and investor.

Find more on the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur\’s post, 25 Admirable People Who Just Happen to Be Rich.