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What is the Relationship Between Spirituality and Medicine?

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So what is the relationship between Spirituality and Medicine?    It\’s interesting that the U.S. often separates them, as in many Eastern practices, they are integrated.  And many times spirituality, prayer or herbal remedies are the only forms of medicine practiced. So why do we separate them?


Somehow, we\’ve become a bit disconnected from nature and natural healing.
The power of positive thinking…and how gratitude and releasing grudges can have a healing effect.  If you are storing up negativity in your body and mind, of course it has a negative impact.

Then, there is the proactive power of prayer. It brings in floods of love and healing, when we focus and devote ourselves to it.

I often wonder…. we wash our bodies. Do we wash our minds? Of all the harmful, negative, and unproductive thoughts?

If we do, then we have an \’empty\’ mind. We can fill this empty mind with all the good we want! And that goodness is positive and that goodness is healing.  It can be a good, cleansing thought, or the full power of devoted prayer.

There has been much research done that concludes that spirituality and medicine are becoming increasingly interwoven in American culture:

The evidence in the medical literature that suggests a strong relationship between spirituality and medicine is increasing.  Polls of the U.S. population have consistently shown that 95 percent of Americans believe in God. One study found that 94 percent of patients admitted to hospitals believe that:

-Spiritual health is as important as physical health

-77 percent believe that physicians should consider their patients\’ spiritual needs as part of their medical care

-37 percent want their physician to discuss their religious beliefs more. 

-80 percent reported that physicians never or rarely discuss spiritual or religious issues with them.

-GOWRI ANANDARAJAH, M.D., and ELLEN HIGHT, M.D., M.P.H, Brown University School of Medicine, as seen in American Family Medicine 

So let\’s integrate, embrace the power of prayer throughout our daily lives. And this power of prayer doesn\’t just extend to health. It\’s about our relationships, the right work, the right country to move to, the right date to go on, the right dog to adopt, the right child to mentor, the right neighbor to bake for!

All has a Divine Design. Plug into it now!