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When I Walk In, My Mom Beams

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From April 2010

While the following situation takes place in church, these values apply to all aspects of life.

Beaming with a Special Light of Honor

It’s now nearly 4 months later. I’ve made a sincere and strong mental commitment to be on time and it’s working. And I say that humbly because every day is a new day and I need to prove myself. Prove myself and my commitment to respect others, and in this case, my beloved mom.

You want to get to church on time, then this is what you have to do. Back it up and figure it out. I start preparing to leave work at 4:30. I actually don’t end up leaving until 5:30. Things come up. An extra email needs to be answered. A team member has a question. I want to finish a proposal. But now I have a bit more of the space to tie things up.

And often times I don’t or can’t tie it up. And I leave anyways. I am making that commitment, and it is working.

There are times when I leave past 5:30. I know what happens then.

I know you are tired, but you’ve left later. And in order to get there on time, you’re going to have to run. That’s right, bags and all. So I end up running for 30 minutes to get home (it takes me about 50 minutes to walk home.) I’d say right now this happens about 50% of the time. So not great, but I still get to church on time.

A Mom Beaming with A Special Light of Honor

I wish you could see my mom. She’s at the front of the podium….. And when she sees me walk in a few minutes before the service….she is just beaming. Beaming with a special light. It’s almost a special light of honor. I can see it’s one of the greatest gifts I’ve given her. The gift of not just my time, and not just being on time. The gift of respect and true presence.

I have to say here my mom has been amazing. Not once has she mentioned a word to me about being late. She just moves forward working on her own life, not criticizing at all. She is a beautiful leader in her own and different right. I can see, feel and know that she trusts I am growing, too.

So I am starting to see my energy change in other ways, too. And, even my positive view of myself. I have a deeper respect for Pamela. I feel less burdened.

Walk Upright

There is such a relief and joy to not slink, but to walk upright into a beautiful church and congregation. By honoring my mom I am honoring myself. I often think when we take a strong stance for something principled, more good and strength come to you in ways you’d not imagined.

It’s a wonderful thing. Growing, Respect, Caring. And yes, being on time. 🙂

Of course, I’ll keep checking back. Every day is a new day. A new day to be on time, to respect, and to allow someone else to beam.

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