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Which Country Wins The Day on Most Renewable Energy at 15%?

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Congratulations to Germany, Iceland, New Zealand and Portugal, who lead the world in producing the most renewable energy, with more than 15% of their energy coming from renewable sources.  You are an example. I hope one day soon it\’s 50%, then 100%.  Let\’s think big.  For the U.S., we have a start at 2.5%, putting us at #7 among the G20 countries.

\"\"Regarding investments, South Korea had the biggest leap in investment, followed by China and Brazil. The U.S. was second in line in highest investing in renewable energy (behind China) for 2011.

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reports that the G20 countries lead the world in utilizing renewable energy.  In 2010, these 20 countries produced more than 82% of the world\’s renewable energy.  The NRDC defined it as \”solar, wind, geothermal, tidal and wave electricity production.\”  Wave electricity production refers to obtaining power from ocean surface waves.

It\’s wonderful to \’use the earth\’ when it helps us live kindly, productively, and with intelligence.

Read the NRDC\’s full report.

Photo courtesy of the NRDC.