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Pamela\’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: Why I Think CEOs Should Apologize…You\’re Responsible for You…

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CEOs should apologize.

Every CEO is in a position of leadership, and that means that every day, people are looking to your actions.

It’s not just about being strategic. It’s… are you clear in your direction, are you kind in your communication, and do you live your life according to principle.

It’s one of the greatest calls to living a life of excellence, because whether people mean to or not, they’re watching, absorbing, your every move.

CEOs also make mistakes. And that’s where the graciousness of your team, and the graciousness of you, come in. We need to apologize, and quickly.

I’d say that as a leader, some of my most painful times are when I am not able to be the person I want to be. Perhaps there is an unexpected pressure… a new partnership… a deadline that wasn’t known… or a team member who needs extra help. Perhaps you weren’t able to get accomplished what you’d hoped that day.

Yet we can’t lose our presence as CEOs.

You\’re Responsible for You.

Get the sleep that you need; build in the space in your day. If you don’t, you’re going to face pressure that might encourage you to react in ways that are not the true you. And whether we succeed or not, CEOs want to be their best selves at all times. We don’t always succeed… I know I don’t always succeed…