Living and Giving

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World Peace is a hard word. We all want it; we benevolently strive for it. But how can you create “World Peace”?


I am not sure one can “make” peace. How do you manufacture it? I am not sure one can “create” it.  Out of what materials?

What we can do is build World Trust. We commit to developing long-term relationships based on trust. We work towards helping others achieve their goals as well as our own. We see a larger landscape where everyone is living fruitful lives, where each good action positively impacts another.


If we focus on World Trust, then World Peace can result. Peace is based on Trust.


This is where stereotypes burn out. Groupings on ethnicities, race, gender fall away.  Why? Because we know the person. We have a personal relationship with them.  Sometimes, it as simple as building a well in a community together, playing on a sports team together, going to school together.


Join me on building World Trust. So that we can have World Peace.