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“You Are Only Be in Competition With Yourself.” – Marcus Rashford, Professional Football Player

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\”You can only be in competition with yourself; so one journey is not the same.”

       — Marcus Rashford

  Professional Football Player

You’ve got a big comparison to make…


Marcus Rashford encourages us to be our best self by going after it — and that means we compete with ourselves.  We make ourselves the best!


So it’s not about comparing yourself to someone else.

Each one of us is made in a very unique way.  So all of us need to be cherished.


After that, we can work on making ourselves the best. What can you do? Do you want to make a difference in your own life?   Here are some ideas!   

  • Improve your track running time, from your last time.
  • Plant more tomato plants so you are able to make more organic salads.  You will challenge yourself to be healthier.
  • You don’t like your job?   Go lift yourself up and get a new position.
  • Wish you went Harvard?  Why?  That was not the pathway for you.  You found the right school for you and became the beautiful person you are.  Plus it’s not fun to look back if you’re looking back in a negative way.  Only look back to appreciate.  
  • So, appreciate the education you have, all the friends you met there, all the great courses, all the wonderful professors, all the wonderful activities and focus on that gratitude.  You can’t change it anyways.  And who says you would be happier at Harvard? 😊
  • You like your neighbor’s bigger house?  Don’t be jealous of your neighbor.  

2.  Yours is a home.  Stay with your home.  Home is where the heart is, as we know! 

The point is there are so many ways that we can compare ourselves that are unhealthy.  It gives mental stress and it\’s negative.  

Instead, we can be grateful for what we have and realize it’s our own unique pathway.  Thank you Marcus Rashford — a great soccer player — with wonderful life advice!   

Thank you for Living and Giving,


Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford is a professional footballer from England. In his first-team debut in the UEFA Europa League, the young footballer scored a goal, followed by another one in his first \’Premier League\’ appearance against \’Arsenal\’ in February 2016. In his debut in the \’Manchester Derby match,\’ the \’League Cup,\’ and the \’UEFA Champions League he continued his streak of scoring goals as well.

Marcus, the \”wonder kid\” of the English football league, has been a star since an early age in hitting his opponents with strong shots. He was just five when he began playing the sport, and by the time his age was seven, he was already working his way into the prestigious club \’Manchester United\’ academy system.

He has played for \’Under-16,\’ \’Under-18,\’ \’Under-20,\’ and \’Under-21\’ before beginning his senior career as a forward for \’Manchester United.\’ In May 2016, Marcus also became England\’s youngest player to score as a senior in his first international match. In almost all of his matches, his mind-blowing results helped him get picked for the \’UEFA Euro 2016.\’

 Source:  SportMob – Marcus Rashford Biography  Fig¹.  Photo from  Fig².  Photo from Getty Images Fig³.  Photo from  Fig.⁴