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You Aren’t That – Walk Away from the Negative People

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Sometimes we face a challenge in life.


And sometimes it seems really negative.

But you don’t have to accept if someone calls you a bad word or puts you down.   Or said you didn’t have a good heart.  Or said your company wasn’t good.  


You don\’t have to accept their words.  You don’t have to believe in their negative view. 


Yes, we should be open to feedback.

But not negativity. 

You can look at the situation, wish that person well… and move on.

Because it’s only a view. One person’s view.  

Why not take a more positive view!

  • You can see all the good taking place in your life, everyone’s life and your company. 
  • There is so much good, if you will look for it.  It’s too easy to find the bad. That’s easy, and it cops out.   
  • So we focus on the good. 

It’s called Positive Reframing.  It is not necessary to accept another person’s negative mindset.  

Reframe the situation with a positive view and move forward being your best you.  

(By the way, the alternative is not so fun.  Why accept negativity into your life?  It does not build one’s future.)

You focus on the positive, your joy, your smile, and you\’re doing your best… that’s what I believe in for you.

And that’s the True You!   

I Believe In The True You,  


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