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You Have a Heart; You Volunteer. What country values volunteers the most?

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Volunteers are valued everywhere. I know we certainly value ours!  They are such an important part of our culture that we recruit all the time. And often they turn into paid staff. So how do the following countries value their volunteers?

Value of volunteer work (millions US$): $109,012.60

We know volunteering is a part of our culture since Day 1 of establishing our society here. We absolutely had to help create the United States!  But did you know that Norway delivers $4,255.8 amount of volunteer worth? Or that Pakistan only amounts to $68.10?

Let\’s help other countries who don\’t yet have it as part of their culture…. And if you want to help support a country very low on volunteerism, let\’s help Uganda.  They only have 2,606 thousands of volunteers vs the UK which has 14,357.  And while Sweden has more than 28% of its adult population volunteering, Romania only has 2% of its adult population helping out.  So let\’s join and support them today!

You can volunteer. You can change someone\’s life. Help another country today!