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Your Employee Is Overwhelmed: Strategy #2

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Have you ever wondered how a CEO approaches this problem? Here is the second of four strategies CEO Pamela Hawley recommends. Stay tuned tomorrow for her third suggestion! Read strategy #1 strategy #3 or strategy #4 here!

Strategy #2: Report Up Effectively

Most employees report on their goals and achievements. We suggest having it on a daily or weekly basis. It’s not a long, onerous report. It might be updating a project management tool or a simple email that goes to their manager. At UniversalGiving we call these EODs, or End of Day Reports.

The first three steps focus on what is occurring today:

  • Section One: Priorities
  • Section Two: Activities Completed with Estimated Time
  • Section Three: Next Steps with Deadlines

These three steps are a working report that provides a basis for dialogue if they feel overloaded. Knowing how your employee views his or her priorities is important. You want to understand how the time spent on work translates into the quality of the work done. It will allow you to assess the delegation of projects to that specific employee.  The next step focuses on what is occurring in the future.

Section Four: Future Projects

This section gives an idea of the workload to come, which also helps you better manage the current duties of your employee. If you see that your employee will have a hectic month of work, distribute the work to others. Then no one burns out. The last step logs our accomplishments, reminding us of all the hard work and results we’ve attained.

Section Five: Accomplishments

The fifth section is important for morale. Finished projects are a reminder of achievements. Don’t just move on to the next thing. Have some time to appreciate and celebrate!